Braden Swaney

Braden Swaney is a 16 year old junior at Buckeye Career Center located in New Philadelphia, Ohio. He is studying construction technology. He is also competitor at Midvale Speedway (New Philadelphia, Ohio) Braden has won 3 track champions in the matter of his first 3 years of racing.


Date of Birth- 4/30/1997
Family-Dad/Mike, Mom-Lisa, Step dad-Scott, Step mom- Andrea, 3 step brothers, 2 step sisters,1 real brother and one real sister
Home Track -Midvale Speedway
Team- Swaney Racing

How did you start racing?
Growing up my dad worked with Ryan Tedesco and his racing team. I was always around racing and always in the garage with them. So when I was old enouph to race compacts (14 years old) I figured I would try it out and now that's all I ever want to do.

What do you like about racing?
The most enjoyable thing about racing to me is being there with friends and family. Also having a good race without tearing equipment up


What division and tracks do you race at?

I race compacts. I race at Midvale Speedway.  I've been to Barberton Speedway a few times and I go to Lorain County Speedway once a year for their Halloween Festival of Speed at the end of each year.


What would you tell someone new to help them?
I would say that its not all about winning the race on the first lap just go out their and pick your moves wisely and proficient

Braden's Favorites
Movie- Act of Valor
Tv Show- Ridiculousness
NASCAR Driver- Denny Hamlin


What do you do when your not racing?
When I'm not racing Im usually fishing or working on the race car getting it prepared for the next week

Is there anybody you like to thank?
I'd like to thank my Dad for always being there and helping me work on my car.Also my family for always coming and supporting me at all my races. My sponsors- my museum tatto shop, Schwartz trucking and cjs drive thru.


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