Coyote Racing Series Trucks

In 2017 there will be a new truck series. CRS Trucks which stands for Coyote Racing Series. On January 6th, 2017 the ARCA truck series told their drivers that they were disbanding. That left many owners and drivers no place to race this year. So quickly veteran Northeast Ohio racecar driver Billy Strehle jumped in and started this new series. In a little under a month they have scheduled 13 races and have a entry list of almost 30 owner/drivers from 4 different states.

  Their plans are to make racing more affordable to the racers and the track promoters both. CRS intends to bring a quality show to the fans. They will have a mixture of many different types of professional race trucks. Trucks from the former ARCA trucks, Pro trucks, American race trucks, NASCAR trucks and more. They will try and accomodate any style truck in the series. CRS will have mini trucks and full size trucks competing together. These trucks will have an array of motors, 4cyl - 8cyl trucks will be racing together all bosting around 400-440HP and having up to 375HP at the rear wheels.

  In the Inaugural season this year they are planning up to 16 races at many different tracks. CRS hopes to have up to 30+ trucks competing in the new series. They hope to build a fan base in 2017 and return in 2018 with bigger and better events. They plan to have alot of fan interaction activities. Starting with the fan of the race program, in which all the drivers will throw a frisbee that they have signed into the crowd. The fan with the frisbee of the winning truck will be invited onto the track to collect the CRS Fan Package and have their picture taken with the winning driver. CRS will also be doing autograph sessions where the drivers will be signing pictures and hero cards. They also plan on throwing shirts and other items to the fans durning the event along with having some special guests at some of the events.

  CRS Truck series first race will be on April 22nd at Lorain County Speedway in South Amherst Ohio. They will return there at least 5 more times durning the year. They will travel to many tracks in Ohio and they got one race scheduled at Angola Speedway in Angola Indiana. They will be looking to add a few more races to their schedule.  CRS has many sponsorship opportunities from title sponsors to race sponsors to lap sponsors and more.

For interested Business or persons contact Billy Strehle at (216)217-5038.

You can follow the CRS Trucks on their website and Facebook

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