Kyle Baugh

Nickname: have never had a good one still waiting for the right one.

Date of birth: 9-12-92

Birthplace: Cincinnati, OH

Family: Dad/crew chief- Kinnie Baugh, owner/mom- Paula Baugh wife- Jessica, Children-Chandler

Home track: Columbus Motor Speedway

Race team: Kyle Baugh Racing



How did you get started in racing?
My dad was an established Mini-stock/late model racer in the Indiana and Ohio area. He decided to call it quits to turn the wheel over to me when I was 10. Started in dirt karts at Middletown Motorsports Park. 2nd my first race and won my second race and it was game on from there. I wanted to win them all. Ran a few years of dirt karts got a lot of wins and championships. Then switched to road course karts, got some good valuable experience in those and made it back to oval. Ran national and local mini-cup cars in MMRA, and jumped up to Baby-grand cars in the same series. From there jumped to Legends car were we prolly spent our most time in got wins and more. Got to race for some teams in mini-sprints, and ford focus midgets some also.

What division do you race in?  Tell us about your car and team:
Currently we racing in the Super Cup Stock Car Series but only part time. Only ran 2 races in 2013 and trying to run more this year. Out of the two races my first race full size stock car I ran from 20th up to 3rd in a 100lap race and ran top 10 the 2nd race.


So what tracks have you raced at? Is there some tracks you like to race at more then other and why?:
I've been lucky to run 20+ tracks on the east course cause of touring and local series. Some of my favorites are Eldora Speedway and Anderson Speedway. Eldora just because of the history of the track and Anderson because of how fast the track feels because the racing is so close and wide open.

If you could build a perfect track to suit your driving style what would it be like?
 love short tracks so it would have to be around the size of a 1/4 mile track with wide corners and progressive banking. To give a driver a few line options and better racing.

If you got a interview with a top NASCAR team what would you tell them to get them to give you a shot to race for them?
 Id be honest and tell them that I'm tired of seeing all the drivers with the deepest pockets and bank accounts getting all the breaks and shots. Search deeper then who has funding and look at talent. Some of the greatest drivers can't prove themselves cause they just have to money to be able to. I'm one of those guys. One shot in good equipment is all I need. I'm confident in myself I just need the help of a higher power to push it to the next level.

Kyle's Favorites

Movie- Days of Thunder
Tv Show- That 70's Show
Food- Steak
NASCAR Driver-Carl Edwards
Track-Anderson Speedway
Sports Team-Cincinnati Bengals


Is there any race that sticks in your mind from the past?
Prolly our first win in gokarts, our second race ever. Everyone thought we had cheated so they tore our motor apart in tech and handed it back to us in a box. Good day to be that good on the track, pass tech and go home smiling.

What are your plans for 2014 racing season?
Run what we can, took time off last year for the birth of my first child so would like to get back into the swing of things this year. We're just super underfunded so we run what best fits our schedule.

If there is one thing you could change about racing what would it be?
 the expense. If it wasn't so expensive more people would be into it and would have a better understanding for our sport.


When you are not racing what do you do for fun?:
Building a project street car, iracing, hang out with family

Tell us something about you that would surprise your fans.
 being a dad has put a bigger flame under me to make something out of my life. Racing is the only thing I'm good at so I wanna make it as far as I can. In any form of racing, even if that means reinventing myself to dirt or sports car racing.


Is there anybody you would like to thank?
My family. Family is everything. My parents have giving so much for me to have so many memories in this sport. My wife for the support and boost of confidence. Without them none it would be possible.


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