Tim and Lexi
   We have a great interview for you this week. Alexis Rose Derosha and Tim Neal. Alexis is 15 racing open 600 sprints in Jackson Michigan, she has been critically ill for the past 4 years and had a bone marrow transplant. She visits sick children, does a wig program, and was the entire inspiration behind racing, not only did they give her under a 5% chance to live, she is an amazing driver who took 6th out of 40 in points, wins, and won sportsmanship trophy. It was her dream to race while she was sick. However last year she met a fellow driver who battled cancer as a child and he became a true mentor to Lexi, his name is Tim Neal. Little did any one know, Lexi ended up setting her mother Destiny up with Tim, and they are truly soul mates.
Tim and Destiny
  Tim Neal has raced over 25 years and has won the Fort Wayne rumble. His passion in helping children is just as equal to Lexi and Destiny. Now Destiny has 2 family members that race every week against each other. They also own a one stop design shop, TDN Motorsports,llc. They are a complete design and marketing shop. They do embroidery, screenprinting, graphics, autograph cards, race bio's, sponsor ship letters, and promotional things, banners, signs, hydro graphics, wraps, fabrication, powder coating and anything else a race team may need. Once they come aboard there isn't anything they can't do for their team. It's a one stop shop.
lexi  Lexi is featured at sprint car girls on their website as future of the sport and is an official team member. She has been top qualifier this year. Tim won the fort wayne rumble and is traveling around the U.S racing for TDN Motorsports. Lexi is also racing for TDN Motorsports. So their race team is full of family dynamics as father daughter race team and mom as manager. They also have sponsored another 600 restricted car and a go kart for racing this year. Hoping the dream of becoming a driver in ARCA or NASCAR Camping World Truck Series.
Destiny wrote a story and submitted it to Big Fan Racing, they are once again building a Nascar Truck Team based on Fan support. After several thousand applicants, 25 have been chosen to compete to win the contract which is driver for the 2014 nascar camping truck series winner. Tim has been chosen and it's a reality show that will come and film them and show fans how hard it is to land sponsorships. Starting Aug 3 till Dec 31st at midnight Tim has to raise money from his fans and who ever has the most amount of money wins.

To find out more about how to help Tim goto

Alexis Rose Derosha

Nickname: Lexi and The Screamin Diva
Date of Birth: 5-27-1997
Birthplace: Greensville, MI
Family: My Mom Destiny, Tim Neal, Little Bro's Jacob and Avery, My Stepdad Ken Adgate,
 My Grand Parents Mike and Debbie, and Grandpa Lenny
Home Track: Jackson Speedway
Race Team: TDN Motorsports but my team is known as Alexis Rose Racing


Tim Neal

Nickname: Timmy Neal
Date of Birth: 3-27-1981
Birthplace: Ypsilanti Mi
Family: Destiny, Lexi, Jacob, Avery
Home Track: Jackson Speedway
Race Team: TDN Motorsports


How did you get started in racing?
Tim: When I was 3, in Motocross with my Dad.
Lexi: Four years ago I was diagnosed with a rare bone marrow failure disease.During one of my hospital stays I was asked if I would like to go to Michagan International Speedway on a hospital trip. That day I met Jeff Streigle from MRN broadcasting and we bcame buddies! He invited me back the next day, the next year, and came to hosiptal and became like a family member. In my honor he started Racing Awareness, a non profit foundation that has a car that races at Berlin Raceway for Helen Devos Childrens Hospital. I was born in 97, and love lime green. The car is the 97L car! The next year at MIS I met Josh Hobson who told me all about karting and kind of inspired me to race. Once I had my bone marrow transplant and was on my road to recovery, I was cleared by doctors and my dream was to race. We bought a go kart and I raced at Ravenna my first year and won the sportsmanship trophy for the season and 4th in points out of 35 drivers. I then raced go karts indoors for the winter season where I had a few wins but its where I fell in love with winged mini sprints. I was able to talk my mom into racing them and we bought a winged mini sprint. I raced the 2013 season ar Jackson takeing 7th out of 40 drivers in the point standings.

What division do you race in and what tracks do you race at?
Tim: Winged and non- winged mini sprints
Lexi: I race in the 600cc open class at Jackson Speedway.

Tell us a little about your car and team.
Tim:  I drive two hyper cars one for outdoor, one indoor, and race for a very family based and professional race team based out of Jackson MI.
Lexi: My car the 91L is known as the Screamin Diva, its current color is synergy lime green with hot pink and orange graphics. My team is amazing... TDN Motorsports, Tim Neal, David McPhail (chipper), Dan Dunigan, Jason Ruggles,and Chad Brewer are my main crew members. But everyone who knows me and my story at the track, run to help me and I would like to thank them too.

When you are not racing what do you do for fun?
Tim: Hunt and fish.
Lexi: I like to go to the childrens hospital and mentor them thru sickness and how to handle their current situations. I like to educate on the bone marrow registry, how it doesn't hurt and it's a free gift of life. How I was saved by a 55 year old male from Missouri. Blood drives and how important they are. The foundation has a grant for a wig program to help girls with free wigs if they have a rare disease and need help financially with one. I do like normal teenage things like hanging out wiht my friends. I do a lot thru school also; I attend an IB School, and enjoy my studies alot.

 Tim And Lexi
Is there any race that sticks in your mind from the past, and why?
Tim: In 2010, I was racing non wing and had a horrific crash, I flipped over 10 times about 15ft in air, I was told by track owner that I should of never walked away from it.
Lexi:  My very first race in my sprint car because I was scared to death. Also a heat race win because everyone said I woulndn't win at all my first year but I did.
What are your plans for 2013 racing season?
Tim:  Looking to drive larger cars, win championship again, travel more.
Lexi: Race at Jackson Speedway, travel this year to new tracks, winning and new sponsors to continue my volunteer work and racing.


So Lexi and Tim you both were very sick as kids. How do you find the time and strength to race and help others that are battling the same as you? 
Tim: As a child I spent months in the hospital fighting stomach cancer. I have a big heart for kids who have fought illness. When I met Lexi at the track and found out about her illness, we just clicked. We like to share our stories with other children who are fighting for life. I also like to sign autographs and I give away most of my trophy’s to kids at the track. Anything to bring a smile to their face.
Lexi: Its not really about finding the time to race, I do everything around my racing schedule. Saturdays are race days and all of the other plans and things I do are put into place around that schedule, it's just a set time. As for finding strenghts to race,  well it's tough sometimes, but I am 3 years post transplant and am getting stronger. I absolutely love to do it, im always excitied for it, so if im tired or anything else as soon as I get into the car im just ready to go. I find the strength in the nerves and passion!

Is there anybody you would like to thank?
Tim: TDN Motorsports, Dan Dunigan, Mickey Ballance, Dave McPhail, Michigan CAT, Hyper racing, louie Cucoie, Valcon Wheels.
Lexi:  Mom, Tim, Dad, Crew Members, Family, and my fans who come and watch me race, Fellow racers and all the little girls who race at the track who always cheer me on and want to race a car like mine when they get bigger. A big thanks to my sponsors who keep me racing. TDN motorsports,llc. Undergroung Design and boutique,llc.


Some of Tim's and Lexi's favorites

Tim: Monster Energy 
Lexi: Sundrop hands down ... nothing else

Tim: SPEED Channel
Lexi: New Girl

Tim: Days of Thunder
Lexi: Talladega Nights

Tim: Eldora
Lexi: Jackson

NASCAR driver
Tim: Tony Stewart
Lexi:  Joey Logano. I have met him several time thru Jeff Streigle.

Thanks to Destiny, Lexi and Tim for their time to do this great interview for us. Make sure if you are at the track to stop by them and say hi! Make sure to follow them on facebook and help Tim Neal with his dream of racing NASCAR Trucks by going to this site

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