Andy Cobb

Hometown: Darby, Florida
DOB: 10/21/86
Marital Status:  Married (Beth)
Years Racing:  21
Career Wins:  Multiple with various series and in different divisions
Chassis: J&J Sprint Car Chassis
Engine: Gaerte Engine
Team Owner:  Mike Hodges & Ricky Cobb

How did you get started in racing?
I began racing at the age of 5, my grandfather, and father have been involved in racing for a number of years. Growing up around all of the local race tracks it was pretty much in my blood. I began in go karts at a local level and it went from there.
After you raced go karts you went to outboard drag boats. Tell us a little about that? Is is something you may try again?
After go karts I went into quad racing and from there I followed my uncles footsteps and went into drag racing boats. I am the youngest driver to ever compete in an outboard drag boat division and gained success in unlimited outboard boats driving for Allison Boats. I would love to drag race boats again.
Tell us about racing dirt late models and sprint cars.
I have had the opportunity to compete in the two highest levels of dirt racing, Late Models and Sprint Cars. Both divisions have pros and cons. Sprint Cars are my favorite. I love the speed and response of a 410 and 360 sprint car. I love the look and feel of a late model when they are going around the track up on the bars. Two totally different styles and I enjoy both. But then again, there isn't anything like going 130mph on the water!!!

Andy's Favorites
Movie: Tombstone
TV Show: The World of Outlaws, and Lucas Oil ASCS!!
Food: My grandmothers Biscuit Casserole
Nascar Driver: Mark Martin
Favorite Race Track: Eldora Speedway (Rossburg, Ohio)

If you had to pick a NASCAR driver to compare your driving style to who would it be and why?
I would like to think I could compare to Mark Martin, I pride myself on gaining the respect of the other competitors. Mark has made his career with a level of respect from the other drivers that nobody else has. For that I look up to him and value what I have been able to learn from him.

Tell us a little about your car and team.
Currently I driver a J and J Chassis powered by a Gaerte Engine. My team is made up of family and friends. My father is my manager and my best friend is my crew chief.

Who are some your favorite drivers to race against?
Dave Steele, Steve Kinser, Sammy Swindell, Donny Shatz, Keith Nosbisch, Randy Weaver, Mark Whitener
When you are not racing what do you do for fun?
When I'm not racing I enjoy spending quality time with my wife and kids.

Did you play any sports when you were growing up?
I played football in school and had the position of kicker.

Tell us something about you that would surprise your fans.
I am a drummer


Is there any race that sticks in your mind from the past, and why?
I will always remember as a kid in karts that I was black flagged for out running the track owners son!!

What are your plans for 2014 racing season?
I will be competing on the national circuit with the WoO, ASCS, USCS, and other series in a 410 and 360 sprint car.
Is there anybody you would like to thank?
Michael Hodges, The Bellamy Brothers, Cobb Auto Glass, Stepp's Towing Services, Prieto, Prieto, and Goan Attorneys at law, Sunshine Body Shop, Go Green, Team MK Graphics, Lucas Oil, Bell Racing Helmets, Steele Performance Parts, Elliott's Trailers, Gaerte Engines, MSR Mafia, Jim Fox Concrete, Velocita, My team, Family, and Friends.
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