Chase Carnahan 

Nickname:  "OOT"
 Date of birth:  September 10 2002
 Birthplace:  Indiana, Pennsylvania
 Family:  Dad (Jason), Mom (Jamie) & Sister (Camryn)
 Home track:  Marion Center Speedway, Marion Center, Pennsylvania
 Race team
 - Jason Carnahan (Dad)
 - Dan Butler (Pap)
 - Scott Hamm


  Pop:   Pepsi
  TV:  WWE
  Movie:  TRON
  Food: BBQ Ribs
  NASCAR Driver:  Jimmie Johnson
  Race Track:  PPMS (Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Motor Speedway)

How did you get started in racing?
 I have been racing since the age of 4.  Started out racing Motorcross.  I'm the 3rd generation late model driver in my family.  My Pap (Dan Butler) raced as well as my Dad (Jason Carnahan).
 And whats the most enjoyable thing about racing?
Winning & going fast & the fans!
 What division have your raced and what are some the tracks you raced at?
 - Motorcross 50cc & 65cc (High Point Raceway, Steel City Raceway, Pleasure Valley Raceway as well as many many others.
 - Go Karts (Blairsville Speedway, Sellingsgrove Speedway, Race 1 Raceway, and Shippensburg Raceway.
 - 4 Cylinder Race Car (Marion Center Speedway)


 The first time you got behind the wheel of a full size race car. What did you think and feel?
  I was excited and a little nervous.

How does the other drivers act around you knowing that you are so young out there?

 They are very willing to help me and supportive.
 So what are some of your best highlights of your young career?
 Motorcross:  Winning 1st championship the first year I raced and several other wins that first year.
 Go Karts:  30 Features & 2 championships in 2011
 4 Cylinder Race Car:  Finishing 2nd the 4th time in the car
 What is your plan for the future?
 To be able to race with the World of Outlaw Late Models.

 So what is the weirdest question anybody has asked you?
 "Do you really race a car?"  Sometimes I don't think people believe me.


 Is there anybody you like to thank?
 My Dad, Mom, Sister, MeMaw, Pap & Scott.
 My sponsors:
 - Willow Farm Campground
 - Dave & Michele Peterman
 - Laz Fab
 - ASR (Andrew Satterlee Racing)
 - MTS (Moreau Technical Services)
 - Paul Koslow



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