Craig Phillips

Nickname: "Thee Craig Phillips"

Hometown: Vermilion, Ohio

Home track: Lorain County Speedway/Sandusky Speedway

Race team: Phillips Motorsports

Website: Phillips Motorsports on Facebook


How did you get started in racing?
I grew up watching my dad race late models and super late models. I finally started racing when I was 26 after I got out of the Army and back from Georgia and Iraq.

What division do you race in? Tell us about your car and team.
I race in the Modified division. My first time in a race car was a modified a few years ago and I've never even hot lapped anything else which is pretty crazy.

What tracks do you race at?
I race mostly at Lorain County Speedway and Sandusky Speedway but we also try to run some of the Top Speed modified races and the open race down at Midvale Speedway.

What track do you want to race at that you havent yet?
I really want to race at Angola Motor Speedway. It has a beautiful facility and I think that track really fits my driving style.

Tell us about your first feature win at Lorain Speedway in 2013?
My first feature win was last year at Lorain County Speedway. It was one of the most amazing feelings I have ever had! I got spun out with a couple laps to go and held off a legend modified driver Todd Ripley on a few double file restarts for the win. It was extra special that my dad was also in the race was on the front stretch with me when I got out of the car. I'll never forget seeing how proud he was that night.


Your father Kenny has raced many different types of race cars. Is that something you like to do too? And could you tell us some advise your father has told you about racing?
Someday I would really like to race a super late model. I loved watching my Dad race the Iceman series. That is still the best racing I have ever seen. It's not easy being his son because there is a lot of expectations but I really couldn't ask for a better teacher, even though we don't always see eye to eye with out driving styles and set ups.

So you have mostly raced Lorain and Sandusky Speedways. How much do you have to change your car to race those tracks? Also how much do you have to change your driving style?
We really don't change much from Lorain to Sandusky. We change gears, a spring, and we tone out motors down a little bit for Lorain. For me, I try to be extra smooth at Lorain, the smoother I am over there the faster I am.

Craig's Favorites

Movie- Boondock Saints

TV show- Criminal Minds

Food- Chinese

Nascar Driver- Kasey Kahne

Track- Martinsville

Sports Team- Cleveland Browns, Indians, Cavs.


When you are not racing what do you do for fun?
I enjoy anything competitive. Bowling, ping pong, corn hole, basketball. If there is a winner and a loser, I like it.

Tell us something about you that would surprise your fans.
I think people would be surprised how laid back I am off of the race track and that I was in the Infantry while I served in the U.S Army.

Is there any race that sticks in your mind from the past, and why?
The Top Speed Modified race at Sandusky Speedway last year that was rained out. It was the first time I set fast time in qualifying. Then I won the fast heat. I've never been more confident heading up to the feature, then the rain hit!

What are your plans for 2014 racing season?
For 2014, it's just week by week. If we feel like racing we race where we want. It's nice not having pressure to run every week at the same track if you don't want to.

What is the future for Phillips Motorsports?
Phillips Motorsports is my Dads thing, I'm just lucky to have a modified to drive with having no experience in anything else.

Is there anybody you would like to thank?
I'd like to thank my Dad, my brother Curtis, Dean Mayer, Aaron Budka, "cousin Matt", Logan Hamilton, Tom Tarring, Tom John, Joe Stroh, John Parks, Griffs Engines, High Tech Pools, a lot of veteran drivers who have helped me like Mike Lawson, Joe Quinn and everyone else that helps us and puts up with this crazy hobby


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