Erik Jones

Nickname. Don't really have a nickname.  But if any one comes up with a good one feel free to tell me!

date of birth 5-30-96

birthplace Flint, MI

family Carol Jones (mother). Dave Jones (father). Lindsey Jones (sister)

home track. Owosso Speedway

race team Paragon Racing Team



 How did you get started in racing? 
I always had an intreats in cars from a young age.  When I was three I told my uncle I thought I was born to race.  My Grandfather was a big car guy, and at the age of seven my parents got me involved in quarter midgets.  I am a first generation racer, and have been racing for half of my life.

And whats the most enjoyable thing about racing? 
One of the most enjoyable things about racing is that when you get to the track nothing else matters.  You go to the track to win a race and thats all.

What division do you race in and what tracks do you race at? 
I race in the JEGS CRA All Star Tour, and am running a few select races in the CRA Super Series.  I race at many tracks throughout the Midwest, and select shows in the south.

Who are some your favorite drivers to race against? 
I respect many drivers that I race with.  I love to have competition, and to win against stiff competition.  It means a lot to win against the best drivers in the country .
When you are not racing what do you do for fun?
 When I am not racing I enjoy scuba diving, playing guitar, Racing simulations, and listening to many types of music.
If you could switch rides with any driver in any type of racing which one would it be?
 On the oval side it would have to be Jimmie Johnson.  I just have so much respect for their race team and what they have going for them.  On the road racing scene I would choose Sebastian Vettel, I have a ton of respect for the talent of drivers in Formula One.

Is there any race that sticks in your mind from 2010, and why?  T
here are two.  One would the the Northern Late Model Series race at Dixie Motor Speedway, it was my first win in a late model, and it meant a lot to win so close to home.  The second one would be winning at the LaCrosse Motor Speedway during the Oktoberfest Race Weekend, being it such a large event.
Did you play any sports when you were growing up? 
I played a few a couple of years ago.  I played basketball mainly and some track.  I had to soon give those up to pursue my racing career more.

Whats your favorite racing movie?
 That would have to be Talladega Nights, it just cracks me up every time I watch it.

Is there anybody you would like to thank?
 I would love to thank all my sponsors, Paragon Corvette Reporductions, CG Financial, Simpson Race Products, Port City Racecars, and Penske Racing Shocks.

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