Jay Teague

Nickname: Jay Jay
Date of birth: 2/21/96
Birthplace: Cleveland Ohio
Family: Joyce (mom) Kayla (sister) Steven (brother ) Jennifer (sister)
Home track: Lorain County Speedway
Race team: Yatson Racing

Jay's Favorites
Movie-The outsiders
Tv Show- Sons of anarchy
Food- Pizza
NASCAR Driver- Dale jr.
Track-Lorain county speedway
Sports Team- Cleveland Browns

How did you get started in racing?
Been around it my whole life. Grew up helping my brother work on his racecar. 

And whats the most enjoyable thing about racing?
I would have to say being around all the friends and making a show.
What division do you race in and what tracks do you race at?
Charger division at lorain county speedway

Who are some your favorite drivers to race against?
 Kevin Broski, Corey Phillips and Lindsey Fade

When you are not racing what do you do for fun?
I focus on school and work but hangout with friends.


If you could switch rides with any driver in any type of racing which one would it be?
It would be to have the chance to run in NASCAR on any level. I just feel it would be a blast doing what you love and getting paid to do it!

What would you tell someone who is thinking about getting into racing compact cars at there local track?
Its a great time no other feeling like it.
If you had to pick a NASCAR driver to compare your driving style to who would it be and why?
Dale jr . Not to agressive but enough to know im there.

Did you play any sports when you were growing up?
Wrestled for 8 years

What are your plans for 2014 racing season?
Im in the middle of rebuliding a brand new beretta to bring out and run for a championship at Lorain County Speedway on Saturday nights and run Barbertons fwd division on Friday nights.


Is there anybody you would like to thank?
My car owner from last year Rick Yatson, Doug barker, and Corey Phillips plus Jesse Houghton for all the parts whenever i need them.


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