Jonathan Reitter


JRit, WV Jon

Date of Birth:

Memphis, Tennessee

Greg (dad) Susan (mom) and younger sister Hollie

Division of Racing: Midvale speedways Mcintosh Oil co. latemodels

Race Team:
Jonathan Reitter Motorsports



 How did you get started in racing:
My dad really got me into racing from the time i was born. He had been a big NASCAR fan all his life and so naturally as was I. My favorite driver was Davey Allison and thats the reason i run the #28 today. We began racing in 2005 in oval karts at goodhope speedway and won the championship there in my final season of karts in 2007.

What division and track do i race in:
Mcintosh Oil co. latemodels at Midvale Speedway. We have also raced at Barberton, Lorain county and Goodhope Speedways.

2011 car:
I run a coilover howe car. Its a late 90s car but has been updated since. Its probably not the best car out there but its a solid piece that gives me a chance each week.

Nascar driver driving style:
Id say im a mixture between Greg Biffle and Matt Kenseth. Biffle for the simple reason that i enjoy a loose race car and it seems im always somewhat sideways. Id also like to think im a patient driver like Kenseth and always finish most of the races i enter.

What i do for fun:
Baseball, Basketball and Boating at Tappen lake

2010 race that stick out in my mind:
Our first time qualifying for the fast heat race. We didnt do great but we we're fast enough to get a chance to run with the big boys of the division. That was a big boost for our team.

Whats some your favorite tv shows and movies?
Days of Thunder is obviously a racers favorite movie. Im also a huge baseball fan so Bull Durham is a must along with For Love of The Game and Field of Dreams. Stroker Ace is another good racing movie! As for t.v. showes i prefer Two and A Half Men..however Charlie Sheen had to ruin one of the greatest shows ever made!

Days of Thunder driver:
Cole Trickle...Im not a great mechanic nor do i know much about latemodels yet but i like to think "there aint nothin i cant do with a racecar!"

Well whats some of your favorite teams?
Roush Fenway Racing! As for baseball ive been an Atlanta Braves fan for as long as i can remember as well as my local Pittsburgh Pirates but they havnt had a winning season in 18 years. I also support the Pittsburgh Penguins in hockey.

Is there anything you like to change in racing?
If i were to change something id find a way to keep guys from running traction control devices. Im not sure how id manage that but id sure put alot of thought into how to prevent it from happening.

Goal for 2011:
In 2011 i would like to get my first feature win. with an updated suspension i feel we're more poised than ever to make a good run at that!

Thanks to:
My pap!, Parents, Your Auto Connection (primary sponsor), Hoopers Rock Springs Parts and Service and Jodi Comm Photography. Also everybody who has helped me since the beginning of my racing career!

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