Justin Philips


Nickname- Justin

Date of birth- April 22nd 1994

Birthplace-Painesville, Ohio

Family- Chuck Philips (Dad), Jenny Philips (Mom), and Shauntaye Philips (Sister)

Home track- Lorain County Speedway

Website- You can find me Justin Philips on facebook


 How did you get started in racing?  My dad has raced for 13 years so I'm a 2nd generation driver. I started racing Go-karts when I was 14 years old. After a few weeks of that I wanted to race a car. Painesville Speedway had a Friday night event so we took my dad’s street car which was a Nissan Altima and turned it into race car.  From that very race, I've been in love

What’s the most enjoyable thing about racing?   I would have to say winning is the most enjoyable thing. Being able to put a show on for the fans doing what you love to do is awesome.

What division do you race?   I race the division called “Ohio Stocks" It’s a limited late model class

If you had to pick a NASCAR driver to compare your driving style to whom would it be and why?  Denny Hamlin because he is a fierce competitor who makes his moves at the right times.  He is more of methodical thinker, cool and level headed and that is how I view myself and my driving style.   

How many feature wins do you have this season?   We just picked up our 4th feature win (July 30th)

You seem to be able to go to high side of track to make a lot of your passes. How difficult is that at Lorain Speedway?  It was very challenging at first. This is my first year in a rear wheel drive car! It took me about 6 weeks to figure it out and now it’s coming a little easier for me.

Each race out there you seem to get a better feel for your car. What was the hardest part of learning to drive that car?   The hardest part was definitely handling a rear wheel drive with the horse power behind it.  In a front wheel drive, when you get sideways, you slam on the gas and counter-steer.  In a rear wheel drive car, it’s not the same it’s a lot of feathering the gas.  

What are your goals for rest of this year and for next few years?   We are leading the championship right now by 51 points so I would like to focus on bringing that home for this year! I would love to get into a late model series in the next few years.

How much of a help is your dad, a past track champion at the same track?  I can’t tell you how big of a help he is, I’ve learned so much from him!  At first I thought if you stay into the gas longer and brake harder it would be for a faster lap and I would always push up through the center of the turn and come off snappy loose.  He told me to find a “let off place” on the track and learn how to float the car in barely using the brakes.  Who would have ever though that you could click off a faster lap by slowing down?!?!  Because I listened to my Dad’s advice, my track times have improved vastly and on July 30th, I broke the track record at Lorain County Speedway (16.216 lap).

Is there anybody you would like to thank?  A big shout out to my Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Steve Sanders (Habco Tools & Development Mentor, Ohio), Dave Futkos (North Shore Safety Mentor Ohio), Greg Morrison (Morrison & Sons Trucking), and Sands RV.

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