Justin Rossi
 Justin Rossi from Painesville Ohio is a third 
generation racer.  Like many young stars today Justin has started in go-kart racing. It's a great way to find out if you have the skills and desire to race. We had time to ask Justin a few questions about his racing. He's even gave us a few tips for young racers just starting out. Make sure to follow Justin on his facebook and find out where he will be racing to cheer him on. 

Nickname:  Jr
Date of birth: 8/10/94
Hometown: Painesville Ohio
Family: mom & dad, girlfriend Kayla
Home track : Thompson
Team: Jr Rossi & Winters Motorsports

How did you get started in racing?
 Well I am third generation. My grandpa raced drag cars and was a offshore power boat champion nationally once and 7 time regionally. Then my dad and uncle did circle track in street stock and sportsman. My uncle also did figure 8, drag racing and demos. My uncle's daughter ran street stocks and his son runs compacts, so which means its in my blood and a family tradition. I want to match my grandfather.


Is there any race that sticks in your mind?
Biggest race sticks in my head is probably my first race. I was really nervous and I was starting dead last in 11th. Went 3 wide and passed a bunch of people and finished 6th that night out of 11. Starting last I impressed allot of people. Ran 2 heats and 1 feature.

Does everybody have the same equipment to race with? Also what division do you race in and what tracks do you race at?
Most karting races have same motor and similar suspension different chassis. I race Briggs Animal Division at Thompson. I am working on getting to Barberton Raceway Park, Midvale, Pitt raceway, New castle and more.


If you had to give some tips to some just started racing in karts what would you say to them?
tip #1 practice your hairpin over and over.
#2 make sure tires are warm before pushing the kart full blast
#3 listen to veterans

Justin's Favorites:
movie: Talladega Nights
tv show: Bar Rescue
track: Thompson
driver: kasey khane
video game: all need for speeds and nba 2k
car: supra, subaru wrx sti

So what are yours goals in racing? Do you want to stay in Karting or move to different racing?
I would like to run national events and be competive in karts and I want to try to succeed in circle tracks also. Street stocks and up and try other motorsports too. I enjoy kart racing because its more affordable, pretty universal track to track its small and easy to work on. Lots of tracks race Friday nights or Sundays so i can still crew or drive big cars on Saturdays. I love road course racing tho.

Justin's car almost done for 2014. It will be ready for Lake Erie Speedway and more!

Tell us something about you that would surprise your fans.
Well something that would surprise my fans was I was in choir for 6 years. Played basketball for 6 years and 1 time state champion in future business leaders of America. (2011)

When your not racing what do you do for fun?
When im not racing I do lots of things, go to professional sports car shows mall putt putt movies etc.

Anybody you like to thank?
People I like to thank: mom and dad, family, friends and girlfriend, ram designs, Winters body and fab, Gary Lawson (prime time racing) also Mike Strah.
Sponsors: Convoy Tire and Service Inc Painesville Ohio 440-352-8713 has helped me beyond words.


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