Kendell Lopez

Nickname:  I have a few actually.....  Ice....Ghost Rider... NightFox

Date of Birth:  06/25/1991

Birthplace/hometown:  Missouri

Family: Father - Aaron
            Mother- Donna
            Older Sister - Kylie
            Younger Brother - Kaidyn

Home Track;  Kansas Speedway as far as cup series level but my home track I raced at was Toyota Speedway of Irwindale

Race Team: I have actually worked with alot.
Billy Crane Racing
High Point Racing
Team Cass Racing
Tony Porto Racing
I have some big teams in the very very near future ;)


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Kendell Lopez became interested in racing when she was just 12 years old. This interest continued and carried to the first Kart School she participated in when she was 14. Kendell began her racing career at a young age in go-karts entering any and every race she could. Finishing 1st in the Sadlers kart school points. During a summer vacation to Disney World Kendells dad participated in the Richard Petty driving school from that day forward she was hooked. Kendell came home and was relentless in all her pursuits to be part of racing. She contacted I-70 speedway and was put on a dash car team, then on to a super stock team, and last a super late team. Kendell used this opportunity to learn about the mechanics of the car and was an integral part of the crew, learning every job associated with the car. Kendell was invited to participate in the 2009 Toyota Speedway Shootout as crew member for two separate teams as they had both heard of this double arm tire caring country girl. They didn't believe it, so I guess they had to see it for themselves. Those two teams were Camping World's Cass Racing and super late models with High Point Racing. From there on she started racing S2 cars at Toyota Speedway of Irinwindale. Taking home 15 top 5s and 22 top 10s coming 4th in Championship points 2009 and 2010. Taking the first Pole Position ever in the S2 divisional cars, along with several hard chargers. Working to help teams in 2011 and comming back to the drivers seat in 2012. She need your help and support on her website and facebook fan page to help her with her new sponsors for the end of the Craftsman schedule's. Looking forward to 2013 in Nationwide series.

What division do you race in and what tracks do you race at?
I am looking forward to some Crafsman trucks at the end of the season possibly.

Tell us something about you that would surprise your fans.
I can bench press over 100 pounds lol getting stronger everyday.I am the biggest Disney Fanatic you will ever know.


When you are not racing what do you do for fun?
I am always busy with our family business also, and preparing for the Miss Missouri USA pageant, but when I have time off from there I love to spend time with my fans, Fish, Hunt, Volleyball, Working Out, Horse back ridding, Archery, Spending time with the best brother in the whole world, Xbox, baking.

Do you have any favorite tracks you like to race on?
As far as the short tracks I have been on I would say Toyota Speedway, but mile and 1/2 I love Kansas Speedway.

If you could win any race in the world which one would you want to win?
As far as prestige I would love to win the Daytona 500 of course, but it would mean so much to me to be able to win on Kansas Speedway weekend for all my hometown fans.


Whats the last movie you watched?
Truthfully I watched Gladiator that is prolly my favorite movie.

Is there anybody you would like to thank?
OF COURSE ! I want to thank all my fans for their constant and loyal support ! Thank my parents for always being there for me no matter what and traveling with me. Thank my sister for always making sure the family business was taken care of so we could have the time to make it to the track with my parents. Thank my brother AKA "DUDE" for being the most amazing brother in the world and still making me better at xbox bc he can still beat me, and he has always been my best friend and I love my family to death. I also want to thank Anna Marie Strawhand for all her support and help. Thank you for all my previous teams and crew members for having the faith in me !


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