Abigail Looman


Name: Abigail Looman


Date of birth: 1/11/1992

Birthplace: Pontiac, Mi

Family: Jon(Dad), Brenda (Mom), Josh (Brother), Zach (Brother)

Division of racing: Pony Stock

Home track: Spartan Speedway

Race team: Never Dead Racing



 How did you get started in racing?
When I was in sixth grade my school teacher was Rob Buckley, he raced Late models at Spartan and I thought that was the coolest thing ever. For years I went and watched him race and I eventually wanted to be out on the track instead of being in the grand stands watching. I slowly got more involved with drivers at the track and made my way into the pits. I finally found somebody who would support me and help me in racing.

And whats the most enjoyable thing about racing?
This will be my first year racing, but from being out at the track all summer in the pits, I think that the most enjoyable thing about racing will be getting out there and having fun. I know that my first year I will not be winning alot of races, but I will be doing something that I have wanted to for years.

Tell us little about your car and what tracks you race at?
My car is a 1994 Dodge Shadow. It was Ken Dollarheits car before mine. I will hopefully be racing at Spartan, Owosso, Flat rock and a few other places this year.

Who is your favorite professional driver?
My favorite Pro driver would have to be Danica Patrick, She doesn't win every race, but she is a female NASCAR driver which I comend her for it.

When you are not racing what do you do for fun?
When I am not racing I am usually either working on the race car. I also ride/ train and show horses. I love everything about horses and hopefully I can show once this year in between races.

If you could switch rides with any driver in any type of racing which one would it be?
I honestly wish i could switch cars with Todd Metz in the pony class at Spartan. His car is so fast and I would love to beat everybody! =)

Did you play any sports when you were growing up?
 When I was growing up I pretty much played every sport out there. I played soccer, basketball, softball, volleyball, track, I danced and was a cheerleader, I also did gymnasics.

Whats the last movie you watched?
 The last movie that I watched was "Days of Thunder" GREAT movie!! It was my first time watching it.

Is there anybody you would like to thank?
I would really like to thank Todd Metz and Darren Wright for helping me out with the car this year and getting me started right.

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