Date of Birth:   January 1998
Birthplace:    Tacoma, Washington (State)
Family:  Mother, Michele Anne--Father, Dale
Home Track:   Southsound Speedway in Rochester, Washington
Race Team:   Schroeder Motorsports
Facebook Page " Schroeder Motorsports"

Max Schroeder is a 15-year old honor role, race car driver,  Sophomore student at Stadium High School in Tacoma, WA.
He started racing Quarter Midget's at age 9 until he was 13 (when he grew out of them due to his height, currently 6'2").  While racing quarter midgets he won many races, placed high in Grand National Races and was voted by his peers as Rookie of the year as well as other honors.
 After sitting out a year of racing and spending every moment he could at various race tracks learning the "big cars" while we (his family) looked into buying a race car.  He raced his rookie season in 2013 with F.S.C.R.A. Super 4 Late Models (never finishing lower than 3rd) as well as a couple races with NW Pro 4 Alliance.
  He is honored this year to have received the F.S.C.R.A Super 4 Late Model "Rookie of the Year" designation and finished 2nd in Championship points.  At 15 he was lucky enough to start on the pole for the NW Pro-4 Alliance race at "The Super Speedway of the West", Evergreen Speedway and race to a 6th place finish of 25 race teams that started the day in his 1st time racing with that series on the big 5/8th's mile track. He would like to continue progressing forward with Super Late Model racing here in the Pacific NW and then on from there. Max has tremendous respect for racing, his fellow competitors, sponsors and the tracks where he races.


How did you get started in racing?
 I attended a "ride day" at Little Wheels QMA in Graham, Washington at the age of 9 where they let me drive a car around the track for the 1st time.  As soon as I got out of the car I asked to go a 2nd time (which I wasn't supposed to do as there were other kids waiting a turn).  I asked my Dad to stick around for hours while other kids took their turn and they let me drive again at the very end of the day.

And whats the most enjoyable thing about racing?
SPEED! and  the friends I have made 
What division do you race in and what tracks do you race at?
I race in two series: "F.S.C.R.A Super4 Late Model race cars" and "The NW Pro4 Alliance".  I race at Southsound Speedway and have raced at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe Washington on the big 5/8th's mile and in Wenatchee at the Wenatchee Valley Super Oval.
You started racing Quarter Midget's could you tell us little bit about what a Quarter Midget is? 
A quarter midget is a 1/4 size open wheel midget car. Quarter midgets are raced under the rules and regulations of Quarter Midgets of America and is for kids from age 5 to 16.


Now you are racing late models at the age of 15. How hard was it learn how to drive a full size car? And how does the other drivers act towards you?
 It was surprisingly easy to move from a 340 lb Quarter Midget to a 2100 lb Late Model race car.  I was so excited to get into the big car the 1st time in practice I was just mashing the gas pedal and staying off the wall.  As far as the other drivers... We have been greeted with respect and assistance.  The teams we race with are very helpful and I have appreciated any and all advice they give me.

What would you tell young kids who say they want to race to start? 
Find a local racing series (Like QMA) and beg your parents to go to a ride day.  Once you start racing learn from others that have been doing it for a while and always keep it fun.

Tell us a little about your car and team. 
My car is coil over tube frame chassis with a 2300 Ford 4-cylinder engine with an ARCA head.  It has an "outlaw" body style with an Impala nose.  It makes about 210 HP.  My team is me, my Mom and my Dad and anyone else who is willing to help us.  We have been given wonderful help from Pittman Racing and my Uncle Mike who has a long history of racing in the Pacific NW.  We also get a lot of support from other friends and family members as well as many of the race teams we compete against.  We have been very fortunate to represent the Lakewood Officer Charity with a decal on the hood of our car and assist in fund raising for the charity which was established by Lakewood Police officers to help those within the communities they serve and later expanded to include help for fallen and injured officers around the state.


Is there any race that sticks in your mind from the past, and why?
My 1st race with the NW Pro4 Alliance at Evergreen Speedway on the big 5/8th's mile track.  I was lucky enough to start on the pole in the field of 25 cars and led the 1st lap.  I Finished 6th and had a blast!
 Max's Favorites
 Movie- Taledega Nights
 TV Show-  Big Bang Theory
 Food-  There's so many of them!  Can't name just one!
 NASCAR Driver-  Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Do you sim race. if so does it help you at all? 

Not yet but my friend just got me hooked on IRACE when I went to his home last week and I can't wait to get it for myself and I do believe it will be helpful in my racing (other people have told me that it has been helpful to them)

Who are some your favorite drivers to race against?
Kayla Pittman, Alex Peck,  John Grosvenor, Ron Grosvenor,

When you are not racing what do you do for fun? 
Video Games!


Tell us something about you that would surprise your fans. 
I think that I am 15 years old.  When people watch me race they just see a driver with a helmet on inside a dark car on a Saturday night.  When I am lucky enough to have fans visit the car after a race they are surprised to see that I am actually only 15.

Is there anybody you would like to thank?
 I  There are many....  Pittman Racing, Larsen Sign Company, Les Schwab of Fife, Uncle Mike, Jim Bailey, Ryan Bailey,  F.S.C.R.A Super 4 Late Models, NW Pro 4 Alliance, Grandpa Mike and my Mom and Dad.


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