Michael Bockler
date of birth--

Peoria, IL

Debbie Bockler (mom) Roy Bockler (dad)

home track--
Charlotte, Concord Motor Speedway

race team--
Carter 2 Motorsports


How did you get started in racing?
I had always wanted too my whole life. I had been an airline pilot for USAirways for 12 years. I had saved up enough money over that time to go racing and through sheer luck, I met up with Roger Carter and his race team.

When you are not racing what do you do for fun?
Work on engines and cars (no lie) I like wakeboarding and just being on a boat in general.

Is there any race that sticks in your mind from the past, and why?
Right now its Daytona 2012 Oil Slick Mist 200. My whole team worked really hard to give me a fast enough car and we just weren't quite there. I ended up with a 40th place qualifying run out of 54 cars, but got knocked out by teams with provisionals. It was a very hard thing to watch the green flag drop from behind the pit wall.


What are your plans for 2012 racing season?
I am trying to bring enough sponsorship deals together to race as many ARCA racing series races. I will be with the team at every track regardless.

How did the deal work out for you to be racing for Roger Carter racing in ARCA in 2012?
Him and I became friends over the winter and realized right of the bat that we had a lot in common when it comes to wanting to see a team succeed not just yourself.

Tell us something about you that would surprise your fans.
 I spent all day yesterday in the shop underneath a race car turning wrenches with my shop guys.
I still hold a valid Airline Transport Pilot License as well as all my Flight Instructor Certificates.


What was the strangest thing a fan has ever asked you?
do a fb interview ;)      

(everybody can do one! Just email us and you can be on here too!)

Is there anybody you would like to thank?
Yes, my parents for believing in me. My Crew Chief Larry Balsitis, Car Chief Nick Tucker, and ultimately Roger and Dana Carter for giving me a shot in this competitive racing world.


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