Randy Maggio


Nickname: "Magic Man" "Ran" 
date of birth: July 23, 2000
birthplace: Independence, Oh
family: Denise (mom), Randy (dad), Frankie (brother)


How did you get started in racing?
my cousins raced at Sandusky Speedway and I would go out there with them every week and I loved being around the cars and drivers, from then on its been in my blood ever since. 

You have helped with different divisions at Lorain County Speedway. Has that helped you at all with racing this year?
Yes that has helped due to just the experience of it, knowing that the track changes and some set up stuff really comes in handy. 

Whats the most enjoyable thing about racing?
Being with the fans, I always remembered when I was a child getting autographs from every driver every week, signing autographs now has to be my favorite thing to do because I love giving back to the kids and the fans who support me every week. 

Every week out you have got quicker. What have you learned since the first time you raced. 
I have learned a lot from set up to running the track, all of that I have to give credit to Matt Wilson and Jon Quinn mostly, they have helped so much in so many ways this season. 

What are your plans for the next few years? 
I am trying to win Rookie of the Year this season in the Charger division, I would like to run for the championship next season and after that it's up in the air, all about if we have money to move up or not. 

If you had to pick a NASCAR driver to compare your driving style to who would it be? 
In all honesty I think Kevin Harvick, he always stays out of trouble and has a good head on his shoulders when he puts that helmet on and that's what I try to do

When you are not racing what do you do for fun?
I like to hangout with my friends and girlfriend along with my family. 

Tell us something about you that would surprise your fans.
I really show my emotions when I race, you can always see when we're having a good or bad day with the car haha

Whats your favorite racing movie?
Talladega Nights 

What the hardest thing about racing for you?
Being consistent 

If you could win any race in the world which one would you want to win?
That's a tough one, first off I'd like to get a heat or even a feature win this year haha, that's all I have my mind set on.

If theres something you would change about racing what would it be?
The growth of it, it seems as if there are no younger people getting into it anymore. I remember when my cousins raced there were at least 10 young guys racing, now I believe myself and Trent in the #3 are the only ones. 

Movie- comedies 
Tv Show- That 70s Show
Food- Spaghetti or Pizza
NASCAR Driver- Kyle Busch 
Track- Lorain County Speedway
Sports Team- Cleveland Indians, Cavs, Browns

Is there anybody you would like to thank
I would like to start off by saying thanks to my sponsors; Cleveland Lumber Co., Miller Gutter Systems, Maggio's Home Improvement, Custom Homes Improvement, All Scrap Recycling, Glass Block Headquarters, American Truck Equipment, Excell Automotive, TS Photography, Green Flag Interviews. 
Also I would like to thank my dad, mom, my girlfriend, my brother, my cousins Deanne, billy and Jimmy, my aunt Debbie and uncle Howard, Matt Wilson, Toots, Jon Quinn, the Broski's and everyone who has helped on the car this year along with all of my fans. Without you guys I wouldn't be able to race and do what I love 

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