Steve Chartrand

Nicknames:  spark plug

Date of birth: 08/21/1981

Birthplace: trenton Michigan

Family: mom Brenda /dad Jim /sister Chris /brother Mike
cousin more like my brother Tim /wife Rachel and have a little one on the way in January

Home track; flat rock speedway

Race team Chartrand racing


How did you get started in racing?
How I got started in racing: my grandfather (Carl sprague) was a flag man for 30 plus years for arca at my home track flat rock speedway, then my uncle and dad bought a car in the early 90's. It was an old maverick, they sold that and bought a little better car then in grandfather bought them another chassis they kept the old one and my brother in law drove that while my uncle drove the new one. I drove in 4 enduro races in 98. my brother in law drove till the 99 season, then I was 16 and old enough to take over the controls of that car. In my rookie year I finished 7th in the b main we were getting about a total of 60 cars in my division, then in 2000 finished 12 in the a main points, missed rookie of the year by 15 points. have since won a lot of heats and features in 2010 was asked to drive a figure 8 car for another family was not a good first year in 3 weeks blew 3 motors so he parked the car and I went on driving my car the next year he had a good motor built and I won rookie of the year finishing 7th out of 23 cars and won a heat this year I ran double duty running the figure 8 car for him and the streetstock for us was a great season career high 8th in the streetstock and 7th again in the figure8 been a lot of fun for not having the money or sponsors to bolt tires on all the time,

What divisions do you run?
division I run is streetstock and figure8 at flat rock speedway flat rock mi


How much work does it take to keep your race team going?
 me my dad brother cousin and some friends put a lot of time in the car winter we tear them down and all summer always on the scales and tweaking to get that little bit of speed,


What do you do when your not on the track?
when not racing I spend time with family and also shoot pool on a few leagues,

Pick any type of racecar you could drive, what would it be?
 if I could switch rides with any driver and division it would be Scott bloomquest in dirt think a dirt late model would be a blast to try and drive,

What race sticks in your mind?
 a race that strikes my mind is in 2009 we took our streetstock and took the roof off put a spoiler on four barrel carb and nine inch tires we took it down to sandusky speedway for the hangover race they made us run with the late models I started 11 in the feature and we won that race was greatest win ever probably lot of fast cars one that stands out was Ron miller,


Who do you like to thank?
I have to thank my mom Brenda and my dad Jim the most if not for them i wouldn't be racing also my grandparents my sister Chris brother in law Jim brother mike my aunt jeanie wife rachel and everybody that has ever come to watch me race or has helped on the car


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