Trevor Edwards

My friends call me rowdy cause of the movie days of thunder 

Febuary 9th 1993

Shepherdsville Kentucky

Mother Melanie and Father Wayne

I dont really have one since all I've ever done is travel and I've never raced in the state of Kentucky but if there is one its Hickory I've been there so many times.

B.E.A.R (Brown Edwards Associated Racing)


How did you get started in racing?
My grandfather started racing as a hobby and then dad started racing when he was 21 locally at salem and winchster and then ran camping world trucks and i started when i was 11

What divisions have you raced?
Go karts, mini cups, Pro challenge, modifieds and super late models

Do you rember your first race? How did it go?
my first was my one and only on dirt in a champ kart and I finshed 3rd that night after I spun a girl and I felt so bad, even though she chopped me haha

If very short time you have raced your way from go-karts to super late models. In each division you race, did you learn something to take the next step?

You learn a different style to each car that works, so you have to adapt
but one thing has always stuck with me and thats to be as smooth as possible and be as consistent as possible

What would you tell a young driver that is going out for their first race?
stay focused dont be scared but respect the race cars, don't think your safe for a minute and have fun no matter where your running

Tell us about your cars for 2012 and your plans?
running a limited schedule in the modified again and hopefully some ARCA. I recently got all my clearences for ARCA and up to a half mile in trucks

How much does your father help you with racing? He has raced so many different types of race cars.Do you want to do same thing?
he has been the heart of my racing without him I could'nt do it. he doesnt pay the bill but he has always been my crew chief and spotter and that helps cause there's always something that is the same from series to series and he always tells me a few tips when im getting in a new car for the first time of somthing similar that hes drove

If you had to pick out just one race you remember , which one would it be and why?
racing at bristol in the modified cause thats where i won my first championship and it was briostol which made it that much more special


Do you race sim racing, and if you do can you learn anything from that?
yes I play iracing everyday and the thing it helps most with is setups ive learned so much on the mechanical side its not even funny the gameplay is some what realistic with handling but the mechanical side is spot on

When you are not racing what do you do for fun?
I hangout with my friends, play iracing alot and sometimes just relax t the house and watch movies with my two dogs

Did you play any sports growing up?
yes i played basketball all the way up to my junior year when i decided i would rather race full time instead of risking a injury from basketball

Is there anybody you would like to thank?
i would love to thank correct temp heating and air jeff and julia brown, steele rubber products for all there support my mom and dad for all there help in getting me to the level im at now and raising me to be the man i am now and iwould love to thank all my fans to there great and it seems theycontinue to grow every day.
you can follow me on twitter at TrevorEdwards32 by the way



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