Trent Stephens

Titanium Trent

date of birth

Ravenna, OH

Father-Terry, Mother-Debbie, Brothers-Talon and Traven

home track
Sandusky Speedway

race team
ACME Racing

website (going through updates at the moment)


 How did you get started in racing?
Well, my Grandfather Charlie started racing sprint cars in the early 70s. My dad started racing stock cars in the late 80s. My dad was reading through a racing magazine and saw an article on quarter midgets racing for kids. So he called the numbers they left in the article and we went to the next race indoors in Columbus, OH. We actually bought a car that weekend. I raced my first race when I was 7 and won! Been hooked ever since. Raced quarter midgets until I was 14. The next year, 2004, I split racing a 600 cc Mini Sprint with my brother Talon. 2005 I moved into an asphalt 305 Sprint Car. Then 2009 was my first year into the Big Block Supermodifieds. 

And whats the most enjoyable thing about racing?
The pure adrenaline rush and thrill of it. The challenge of all the different tracks and different kinds of race cars. The people you meet and traveling all over the country. The fans are awesome, and its really cool talking to all the fans and how they love what we do and how impressed they are with the race cars.

What division do you race in and what tracks do you race at?
I race with Midwest Supermodified Association and International Super Modified Association. I race at various tracks in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania and New York. I also will jump in our non winged super modified to run a few times a year.

So you race supermodifieds. For people who don't know what a supermodified is, tell us little about your car?
The first two things most people notice about our cars is the 470 CI big block hanging off the left side of the car. As well as the 24 ft square wing that will level out down the straight aways for less drag and as the car slows going into the turns it will actually gain angle and downforce to plant the car. With the motor on the left side and the extreme offset of the cars, we have almost 68 percent left side weight. I like to describe the cars almost like an indy car and a sprint car all squished into one, with the motor on the side.
Whats the hardest part of driving a supermodified?
With all the left side weight, the cars really handle different. If you get the car too loose/sideways and jump out of the throttle to save it, all that weight that had been transferred to the right side of the car jumps back over to the left side and can turn the car straight into the wall. It usually happens to everyone once, and it hurts.

Whats the best part of driving supermodified?
The speed of them. They are the fastest short track cars in the world.

Who is your favorite professional driver?
 Tony Stewart

Who are some your favorite drivers to race against?
My Brother Talon, my team mate Lou Cicconi. As well as anyone that will race me hard and clean.

Is there any race that sticks in your mind from the past, and why?
My first season and first time at Oswego Speedway in a Super Modified. As a rookie, I qualified well, ran well in my heat race. And actually kind of ran away with the feature! It was awesome winning my first race there at the home of the Super Modifieds.

When you are not racing what do you do for fun?
I love Snowboarding in the winter, its kind of my winter hobby/adrenaline rush. I love driving/riding anything with an engine. I also try to run to make sure I stay in shape.

Is there anybody you would like to thank?
I'd like to thank my parents for giving me the opportunity to start racing. As well as my Car owner Steve Stout for giving me the opportunity to drive some of the best Supermodifieds in the country. All of my sponsors. Kasper Auto Group, PPG, Domino's Pizza, Diversified Machine Inc, Real Wheels, S&S Cleaning, Desplinter Heating and Cooling. As well as the entire ACME Racing team. Steve S, Rich, Archie, Chris, Steve C, Lee, Rory, Big Joe, Bob, Rex, Sam, Sawyer, Terry, Talon, Traven. All the fans, without them we can't race.

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