Tyler Turner

date of birth:September 1st, 1995

Hometown: Rootstown, Ohio

height: 5'8

weight: 132

Family: Mom-Chrissy Turner, Dad-Tim Turner, Brother- Chris Turner

division of racing: legend, young lions legend series

Home track: Barberton speedway

Race team: TTR racing a.k.a Tyler Turner Racing

website: no current site as of now in process of getting one built soon will be


How i got my start in racing: I got my start in automotive racing when i was 7 years old, it was when my dad and his good friend Eric were looking at buying a modified, when we went to look at the race car the older gentlemen that had the car for sale had a quarter midget off to the side with and looked as if it hadn't been used in years and to make a long story short we ended up buying the quarter midget that following winter we ran the winter nationals and won the championship in my first season in a race car.

what car i race and tracks: My current race car is a legend car modeled after a 34' ford coupe that is build by US legend cars international, the current tracks as of now is several tracks all over the country but not matter what track i race at or the history behind it i still love the short 1/4 mile tracks, that you have to be a driver to win at.

years of racing and plan: I have been racing for 8 years this year and my future plan in racing are to hopefully get seen by a late model team and race those. Then continue my route to NASCAR. So anyone that want a young driver with sponsorship potential and great skill please get a hold of me.

2011 win at barberton: A little about the race Saturday April 9th is that it was the longest 20 laps of my life, but the car was set up perfect and was on a rail , when i got in the car that night my goal was to do nothing but put my sponsors in the front.

You race at Barberton Speedway. Tell everybody about the track? I personally love Barberton because of the skill it take to master that track and at the end of the race it will be the person with the most will up front but also my dream would be to have them pave the corners to make it a mini Martinsville speedway.

any race that sticks your mind : one race that sticks in my mind was the 5 race of the year when i won my first heat race ever in a legend car my first year .

When you are not racing what do you do for fun: when i am not racing i weight lift and work out to be in top shape for racing to out last everyone at the closing laps also i hunt, fish , and ride four wheelers with my brother or my best friend Ethan .

Who are some of your favorite sports stars? my favorites would be
Trevor Bayne, Jeff Gordon, Carl Edwards, Jimmy Johnson, and my favorite ex -NFL player would be Ray Mcelroy because of his Inspiration he gave me in personal greeting.

whats last movie you watched: it was a oldie but goodie Days of Thunder.

I don't play any school sports no more because i have dedicated my time to focus on my racing career but i do weight lift and play basketball at school gym with friends.

Grade point average: 3.8

school accomplishments: 9th grade class treasure, middle school presidential award as well as Elementary presidential award , high national honor student

grade: 9th

why did i want to race: i have been at race tracks since i was a baby watching my dad , and my uncle race so it was just the thing that i knew i wanted to be before i could ever see over the dash

Favorite racing accomplishments: winning national quarter midget title

wins: 73

past divisions: quarter midget, cage karts, legends

I would like to thank my sponsors philo forest of fright, stitch witch graphics, and charlson sand and gravel for all of their support the have given me during my racing career.

i would also like to thank my mom and dad because without them i wouldn't be able to be anywhere i couldn't thank them enough .

any one looking for a driver please call me even if it is for one night i promise to bring you and your sponsors to the front .

thank you :green flag interviews

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