Wayne Edwards

June 23,1967

 Louisville KY

Wife:  Melanie
Son:  Trevor

Salem Speedway   Salem, IN

Team B.E.A.R


How did you get started in racing?
My father raced. After I was born they took me to the race track on the way home from the hospital. (So I guess that was the beginning)

What divisions have you raced?
Pure Stock - Super Stock - (Old School) ASA - Late Model - Modifieds - NASCAR Camping World Trucks - Goody's Dash -  ARCA - NASCAR Nationwide

Do you remember your first racecar and race?
My first race I ran a friends car in a conci race. I passed 3 cars going into one and spun out I then parked it (Took a lot of razzing that winter) I built a 1966 impala race car in 1987 I then I won the Sportsdrome Pure Stock Championship to quite my piers from the razzing.

Of all the divisions you have raced, Which one would you say was the hardest to drive?
NASCAR Camping World Trucks

You raced the Goodys Dash Series. How was that going to some big tracks with them small cars?
At the time the seemed pretty fast, because they was a hand full you had to man handle them (It was a blast)

In the NASCAR Trucks series you race against drivers from Cup series and drivers just getting into the NASCAR type racing. What is you feelng about Cup stars running in the series?
I like racing against the cup guys because they are the best in our sport and they make you better, but I hate that the come in and can get the sponsors easier than the regular guys running the series which makes it hard for us to compete.

You now have your son racing too, How does it feel to sit back and see him race?
I Love watching him and helping him improve. He is a very talented driver with a bright future. Many people have told me he is a driver beyond his years (He stays so relaxed and calm)

If you had to pick out one victory to talk about which one would it be?
First 200 Lap Enduro race at Salem Speedway. I won by 7 laps. They started around 70 cars on a half mile track.

What are your plans for 2012 racing season?
Running Daytona in NASCAR Camping World Trucks and what ever else I can find for the year. Take my Son racing in Modifieds, ARCA and NASCAR Camping World Trucks (We hope)


When you are not racing what do you do for fun?
I am still in the shop everyday preparing cars. Live on the lake but only made out 1 time last year and maybe fished once or twice. Late night I get on Iracing sometimes.

Is there anybody you would like to thank?
My family for all the support they give me. They are my biggest fans. My wife lives in KY for most of our 20 year marriage and i lived in NC to persue racing. Lonnie Troxell (first one to believe in me to drive NASCAR) , Jeff and Julia Brown (Who has believed in me and my son) and TJ Bell for being my best friend and the support he gives me and my family. I have many other people but my list could go on and on I have a lot of friends that have helped me to be where I am today.



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